#1 - Talmudic Blog

  • Talmudic Blog

    talmudic analysis and critical thoughts on religion, jews, judaism, tanakh, bible, talmud, mishnah, midrash, haggadah, israel, rabbis, anti-semitism; synagogues, prayer, liturgy, siddur; teaneck, scandals, universities; politics, minnesota; terrorism,...

#2 - Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles online presented in a rich and beautiful collection containing various theme pictures and levels of difficulty. Play Puzzles on Jigbo.com and advance in the list of players, improve your attention and creative capacity. Find hundreds of...

#3 - Mystical Paths

  • Mystical Paths

    Judaism, Emunah, Chassidus, Kabbalah, Jewish End of Days Prophecies, Secrets & Mysteries of G-d and the Soul, living the mystical each day and connecting to G-d.

#4 - Ima2seven

#5 - me-ander

#6 - Life in Israel

#7 - Ki Yachol Nuchal!

  • Ki Yachol Nuchal!

    Middle-aged aliyah with teenagers. What could be easier? The IDF and Jewish life in Israel through the eyes of new immigrants.

#8 - Shiloh Musings

#9 - lizrael update

  • lizrael update

    A lot has changed since I started this project in 2004. I moved to Israel, got a job, started school, got married, moved to the ‘burbs, got pregnant, had a baby boy, got pregnant, had a baby girl… That’s what it’s all about, right? So whereas this...

#10 - Esser Agaroth

  • Esser Agaroth

    The approximate monetary equivalent of two cents: Writing about life in Israel and on being Jewish.

#11 - Dan Illouz - Zionism, Judaism and Current Affairs

#12 - Gematriot - Revealing Torah Secrets

  • Gematriot - Revealing Torah Secrets

    Gematriot - the numerical values of the Holy Hebrew Letters, reveal the deeper meaning of what the Torah wants to convey to us. Far more than just an intellectual game, Hashem - with His complex wisdom via the road of Gematriot - teaches us all about...

#13 - דן אילוז דוט קום- ציונות, יהדות ואקטואליה

#14 - Jewlicious

#15 - A Mother in Israel

#16 - Israelseen

  • Israelseen

    Israel Seen is a labor of love that is a portal to the other side of Israel. We provide content from a wonderful array of innovative, interesting, and dynamic Israelis.

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